This One Exercise Can Fix Your Glute Weakness and Back Pain

It’s been going under your radar for far too long!

David Liira, Kin.


Image from Li Sun on Pexels

Struggling with daily back pain? Tired of weak, tight glutes? There may just be one exercise that can solve all of your issues, or at least give you a huge head start. For whatever reason, this particular exercise is scarcely used as a rehab modality and has been neglected for years. If you haven’t already guessed…

I’m talking about the side plank leg raise.

While you may think that this is just your run-of-the-mill plank used in HIIT classes, it’s got far more going for it than meets the eye. The secret from a rehab perspective is its ability to simultaneously activate the glute medius and quadratus lumborum muscles, two of the most underutilized and weak areas in the human body.

By implementing this movement into your routine, you’ll drastically improve your mobility, stability, and strength in key areas of the hips and spine. This will lead to improved sport performance and elevated functionality in activities of daily life. While it may not be enough on its own, it’s been a key exercise for many of my patients in rediscovering pain-free living and I’m confident you’ll experience similar relief.

Let’s dive in!

Unlocking the Back & Hips for Once and for All

Before we get into any exercise-specific prescriptions, it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Any time back pain comes up, it’s key to think about the holistic steps you can take to expedite recovery. While physical therapy should be near the top of your list of priorities, don’t overlook the benefits of incorporating better nutrition, sleep, and stress-relieving practices into your life. If you can combine all of this while staying consistent with movement, the skies the limit!

Additionally, I just want to touch on the on-going narrative that weak glutes automatically cause back pain. It’s simply not true. While there are causes when this can they can be connected, the current evidences shows an insignificant correlation between glute strength and back pain.

Your back pain likely isn’t due to weak glutes…



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