The Gorilla Squat Is Your Gateway to an Invincible Back and Mobile Hips

Your joints will feel years younger with this one exercise!

David Liira, Kin.
5 min readDec 26, 2023
Image from Monstera Production on Pexels

As we age, the low back and hips become two of the most bothersome regions of the body, plaguing so many with pain and stiffness. What people don’t often realize, however, is just how easy it is to counteract these effects with the right movement strategies. In as little as one minute, you can begin building better habits and establish newfound mobility and functionality in the tissues that need it the most.

As a trainer and kinesiologist, I’m always looking for exercises that make mobility training both accessible and appealing. The gorilla squat ticks both of these boxes, being one of the most effective and versatile body-weight exercises you can do. Whether you want to loosen up your tight lower back or develop an improved quatting form, this movement will deliver in more ways than one. Are you ready to take a fresh new leap in your health and wellness journey?

Let’s dive into it.

Restoring the Mobility You’ve Had All Along

Before getting started with the movement below, please ensure you’re clear for activity. If you have any musculoskeletal injuries or chronic conditions that may put you at…



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