How To Play Sports Without Pain Well Into Your Senior Years

The secret lies in these few exercises!

David Liira, Kin.
6 min readJun 19, 2024
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One of the biggest lies people believe is that sports such as soccer or basketball are reserved for the young and fit. It’s as if there is a line that is drawn as soon as you hit forty and your joints start to pack it in. As a kinesiologist, I’ve worked with people well into their sixties and seventies who are still as active as ever. They don’t have any natural giftings or superpowers, but rather possess two invaluable traits:

  1. They believe in their physical abilities and don’t let stereotypes restrict them from what they can do.
  2. They put in the work to maintain a mobile, strong body that can withstand the stressors of work and physical activity.

Yes, pain and aging are not things to take lightly, but too many of us let these roadblocks control us more than they should. While you may think that you’re too far gone to pick up a new sport or hobby, I want to encourage you to try the exercises below. They may just remind you of how fit and mobile you truly are.

Here’s to leveling up your fitness and getting back to living a restriction-free life!

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